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Logo Basset Hounds - Puppy Page 3



The Logo'N 8...born February 20, 2001

Time has flown since we were born. Now it is July and we are 5 months old. Take a look at how we have changed. Not all of us appear on this page yet...but we will!!

On July 22, 2001, four of us were all together. We posed for the following pictures.

On the left above is Logos Magic Blaze of Glory (Blazer). That's Logos Magic Bridge of Hope (Bridget) on the right.

On the left is Logos Magic Feather Duster (Feather) and Ty, formerly Rusty, on the right.

Logos Magic Star Gazer (Otis, who was originally called Starbuck ) is living with his new family. They sent these pictures of him at three months old.

Otis lives a life of leisure soaking up the attention of all those who enter "his" store.


The new family of Betty, originally Polly Ann, sent the following pictures of her on July 9, 2001.

Logos Magic Hearth Throb (Betty) is quite a talented young hound. She won the Puppy Dash and Longest Puppy contest at the Basset Olympics in Lebanon, Oregon this month. She also was second place in the Puppy Longest Ears event. It seems that Betty likes to explore. The dish washer might be a good place for a snack???? Sniff..sniff.


And here is Captain formerly know as North.


It's fun to play at Logo Bassets.

(Especially for young houndies!!)



"Can we come out and play?" ask Feather and Bridget.


Ty (Formerly Rusty)

Ty thinks he is going to grow up to be a frisbee dog!!!!! NOT!






Blazer lives with his new mom and dad, Betty and John. These pictures are from when he came for a visit.



Below, Bridget deal with the hard work of learning to stand in a "stack" position.

Haven't all these pups grown into real beauties!!

Here is proud father, Dusty with Bridget.



Keep checkin' back here for more news from Logo Bassets!!!



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To Contact one of our two legged Moms you can either phone Gretchen at (541) 830-0713 or email by clicking here Gretchen.