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Logo Basset Hounds - Puppy Page 2



The Logo'N 8...born February 20, 2001

Just look at us grow. Here we are on March 26 at 5 weeks old!


Bridgett likes to play with Rusty (left) and Starbuck (right).


All that playing wears a puppy out. Feather likes to nap either alone (right) or snuggled up to one of her brothers or sisters. Here it happens to be Bubba she is snuggling with.

"I need a belly wub, please!!" begs Starbuck.


This is the puppy area at our Gretchen Mom's house. She makes sure we are always safe on our visits.

These pictures were taken a few days later on March 30. See what a difference a few days make..

Starbuck on the left strikes his Easter Bunny pose, while Rusty nibbles on fingers.

Polly Ann appears to be sleepy. While North's focused eyes stare straight ahead.

Feather (left) shows off her white chin. Bubba (right) perfects his hug.



"Hey, get that finger outta my mouth!" complains Bridgett.


Blazer shows off his handsome face and coat.


April 8. Look at us now. We are 7 weeks old and starting to really show off our personalities. We love to play, especially with tennis balls.

"Hi Mom!" Starbuck shows off his love for two legged Mom's.

Rusty shows off his deep face wrinkles. What a smooshie face!!

Polly Ann seems to have found something interesting to gaze upon.

The star on North's nose definitely points upward.

Feather must have been playing hard. She can hardly keep her eyes open. "Come on, Mom. No more pictures..It's time for a nap."






What a build!! Bubba is quite a stocky guy!

With all these freckles, Bridgett is making a fashion statement.


Who wouldn't love Blazer's classic basset baby face!!!

April 10----PLAY TIME

Yeah!!! We get to play outside!


Even Mom gets into the act.

It's chow time!!!!!

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To Contact one of our two legged Moms you can either phone Gretchen at (541) 830-0713 or email by clicking here Gretchen.